Montessori Wild Cats Unit- art projects ideas

Hi! We have almost completed working on the wild cats unit. In the previous articles, I reviewed all the books we read and gave you a breakdown of all activities I prepared for my son. Today I will show you three wild cats-related art projects. I hope you like them and find some inspiration here. If you decide to re-create any of them, please tag me on Instagram (@whatmumloves). I would love to see your child's creations! :) 


Kian loves working with clay, which makes me very happy because this creative activity supports the development of children's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
To make the clay lion, we used the terracotta Das air-dry clay, but you can use any type of clay you have, or even a salt dough. We discussed how Kian wanted his lion to look like, and I gave him a general idea of how to achieve it. He then proceeded to work on it, and I just sat there staring at his teeny-tiny fingers creating a beautiful piece of art :) 


For the jungle collage, I gathered some paper leaves-leftover party decorations, that we painted together a few months ago, scraps of jute twine, some leftover artificial flowers, stickers and paints. 
He created a cute collage of tigers and a snake chilling in a jungle.


The last art project was yet another collage, but this time Kian made lion's face. 
I cut the shape of lions face, nose and eyes, and Kian glued them on the paper. He drew some whiskers and added a mane made of shredded paper.

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