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When I asked a few of my friends what do they think about natural skincare, they all had similar associations. 'Boring. These products look bad, smell bad and do nothing'. Well, I promised them all to prove that natural skincare is the best option one can choose! 
I decided to begin the skincare series with two of my favourite products from Sukin.

Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Scrub

In a late autumn/ winter time, my skin gets very dry. I have to exfoliate at least twice a week to scrub this lizard face off. I have tried many face scrubs before but after the fist use of Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Scrub, I knew I found THE ONE. It is very gentle, yet effective.It has a rich, creamy consistency which leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh. It has a perfect amount of very fine, Jojoba peeling bids.

It's packed with goodness (Kale, Spirulina, Chlorella, Parsley, Pineapple, Licorice, Lime peel, Bamboo and Jojoba). It smells delicious and makes my complexion super radiant and supple.

Super Greens Detoxifying Clay Masque

This is a very pleasant masque. It comes in a plastic jar, which is light and convenient to travel with.It has a lovely light grey colour (my life may be sad but yes, grey is one of my favourite colours).I like to apply a semi-thick layer over a damp face and leave it on for 15-20min. It's comfortable to wear- thick enough so it will not slide off the face. It doesn't feel like a concrete like some clay masks do.I use it once a week and apply it only onto the centre of my face. It leaves my skin feeling tight, fresh and smooth. Washing it off is a long process but, trust me, it's worth it.


Neither Sheer, Nor Glow- NARS Sheer Glow

UPDATE: NARS isn't cruelty-free anymore. Was this decision money driven? I do not want to judge. It is a shocking and cruel decision. I no longer support this company. 

Finding a neutral shade of foundation for a super fair person ain't easy. We all have been through the super pink or the super orange face phase. Luckily I found a perfect shade for my skin tone at the Nars counter back in 2015, and I have been faithful to 'Sheer Glow' ever since.

What is great about this foundation- it looks flawless yet natural on the skin. It's also really comfortable to wear and feels moisturising. I am a big fan of the shade 'Siberia'.
It is fair, neutral colour. And- what is most important- it doesn't oxidise.

'Sheer Glow' comes in a wide range of shades so most of the people would find something suitable for their skin tone. There is nothing more frustrating than a foundation that comes in 4 shades.

The application process is super easy and quick. I like to apply this foundation with my fingers. It blends out nicely, and sets immediately, however, I always apply powder on the top of it. It has a lovely satin finish.

This foundation lasts on my skin for the whole day (my 'days' are super long). It rubs off my nose and Cupid's bow on hot days, and to me, that is the only serious con of this foundation. It is a very good product for those with dry or normal skin. Skip it if you're combination or oily.
It has a medium coverage so it won't cover the blemishes or scars on the face.

The packaging is pretty nevertheless, it is a nightmare to travel with.
It comes without a pump (you can buy it separately for £3) however, you can't put the cap back on when you use the pump! Also, mine broke when I was going through the second bottle of sheer glow.

Taking everything into account, I would recommend this product for those with dry or normal skin. I would suggest asking for a sample at the Nars counter because it is a very pricey foundation.

Is this the best foundation I have ever used? Shade wise- yes. This is the main reason I stick to this product. I wish the pump situation was solved and price tag different, though.

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