2017 was a year of millet in my kitchen. I have finally learned how to make it work for me, making it the core of my vegan diet. I make my breakfasts with it, my desserts, delicious vegan burgers and many more. I don't know if a more all-purpose product exists!
Millet is rich in B-vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and calcium. It contains high levels of fibre and proteins. It is just awesome!

If you're a fan of an apple pie, you have to try this recipe! It is a comforting, yet healthy, guilt-free and cruelty-free, creamy pudding. And gluten-free, just to throw in some more of '-free' names!


- 3/4 glass of millet,
- 2 glasses of water,
- 1 banana,
- 1 date (I always use the Iranian fresh dates, but you can use any you wish).

- 4 medium-sized apples,
- water,
- maple syrup,
- cinammon (optional- I usually serve it to the adults, not to my baby).



You can cook millet two ways. Choose any that suits you, but never skip the preparation. Without it, your millet will be bitter.

FIRST WAY:  Toast it in a dry saucepan, stirring it regularly until you can smell the nutty aroma. Do it over a medium heat and be careful not to burn the millet. Then add two glasses of water, cover your saucepan with a lid and cook over low heat until the water is fully absorbed (usually 15-20 minutes). You can also cook it without the lid over medium heat.

SECOND WAY:Put your millet in a strainer. Rinse it thoroughly with a boiling water, and then with cold water.
Put it in a saucepan, add two glasses of water and place a lid on it. Cook it over a low heat until the water is fully absorbed (usually 15-20 minutes). You can also cook it without the lid over medium heat.

Meanwhile, you can prepare your apple sauce.

Once the millet is cooked, it needs to be blended. Put it in a blender, add the banana and the date.
You really want your pudding to have a creamy consistency, so blend all the ingredients thoroughly.


Wash, peel and dice the apples. Pour a little bit of water in the saucepan (just to cover the bottom of it) and add the apples. Cook them over a low heat until soft (10-15 minutes). Then simply mash your apples with a fork.


I like to serve it in layers, adding a cinnamon and maple syrup on the top of each applesauce layer. Add as much, as you like :) For my son, I simply serve it in a bowl, and I mix the apples with millet. I do not add cinnamon nor maple syrup for him because banana and date add enough sweetness to his liking.


Let me know if you have tried this receipe! And what is your favourite dessert x


'Grace and Frankie' season 4 review

Lily Tomlin as Frankie Bergstein and Jane Fonda as Grace Hanson. And yes, these are massive vagina balloons!   Photo credit: Netflix


If you don't want to know what happens in the 4th season, or if you haven't watched 1-3 seasons, please do not read this post as it contains many spoilers! You can read my spoiler-free review here

There are three topics I could discuss for hours. My baby, vegan pasta and 'Grace and Frankie'. If you have been following me for a while, you definitely know that I am the biggest fan of this duo. When Netflix announced when they're back with new episodes, boy, I was never this excited for January!

The fourth season is different. It did hit me at the beginning, and I have watched the first four episodes with a sad face on. I felt like this season was missing something. It was missing its witty jokes and the uplifting spirit that I love about 'Grace and Frankie' so much. It took me a good few episodes to acknowledge that it needed to be the way it is. It is a season of big changes and struggles, of painful reality and many endings. It is a reminder that ageing, and everything that comes with that, is a natural part of human life.
But it's not all down in the dumps! Frankie and Grace don't give up easily and they made laugh a few times! Yes, ageing isn't easy, but these two women do it the right way. I genuinely value Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin not only as great actresses but also amazing people. I love the chemistry between them.

Sam Waterston as Sol Bergstein and Lily Tomlin as Frankie Bergstein.   Photo credit: Netflix

Life doesn't spare Sol (Sam Waterston) and Rob (Martin Sheen), and they also are going through a rough patch in the 4th season. Sol remains my favourite character of this show. He is such a warm soul. Hats off to an incredible actor, one and only Sam Waterston!

Is it only me, or Brianna (June Diane Raphael) seems to be less cruel in this season? She is more human-like. God knows, is it because of the relationship she is in, or because she is facing a major problem at 'Say Grace'? The 'nicer' sister- Mallory (Brooklyn Decker) starts a life of a single mum of 4 (quite privileged, and stress-free, have to admit) after divorcing Mitch (Geoff Stults).

Sol and Frankie become grandparents! Bud's (Baron Vaughn) daughter is finally born, she is adorable, and the labour scene was just fantastic! And Coyote (Ethan Embry). He is doing ok! I felt that there was not enough Coyote in this season, but at least we got to see the inside of his tiny house!

Jane Fonda as Grace Hanson and Martin Sheen as Robert Hanson.  Photo credit: Netflix

With Grace going​ under a major​ knee surgery and Frankie being legally dead, this season is not as optimistic as the first three. Nonetheless, it is great. I hope that Netflix renews this series for the 5th season. And many more!



'Franca: Chaos and Creation', 'The true cost', 'Iris'. Photos credit: Netflix

I  think I could call myself an extreme fashion minimalist. I don't own many clothes, nor shoes or bags. I stick to a few pieces which I wear all the time. And I often I shop in second-hands. I do appreciate fashion as an art, though. I could spend hours admiring beautiful fashion photography, or staring at well-dressed people 🙂
Today I 'll introduce you to my favourite fashion-related documentaries on Netflix. Hope you enjoy!

'FRANCA: CHAOS AND CREATION'-Francesco Carrozzini

Franca Sozzani in 'Franca: Chaos and Creation'.  Photo credit: Netflix

One of my favourite documentaries of all time. An incredible picture of a woman painted sublimely with words and photos by her son- Francesco Carrozzini.
Franca Sozzani was an editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia. A very special one. She revolutionised this magazine, and spoke about things that nobody wanted to talk about. She was a real risk-taker. Her Vogue was not only about glamour and money. It was about something. And that made her work stand out. Franca Sozzani was the one who created 'The Black Issue' of Vogue Italia and the controversial 'Makeover Issue'. I am sure that you all have seen these photos. But I am not sure if you have seen Franca's face yet. I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't. Because unlike many others in the fashion industry, she wasn't all about herself. She was about the case, the topic, the problem.

Beautifully shot and edited, this film is filled with gorgeous photos and Vogue covers. The magic energy mother and son share transfers onto this documentary. I can not recommend it enough!

'IRIS'- Albert Maysles

Iris Apfel in 'Iris'.  Photo credit: Netflix

Iris Apfel is probably the most colourful ninety-something woman on Earth.  She is a fashion icon, interior designer and businesswoman.
I am sure that you all have seen her before. Her calm eyes hide behind large glasses. A bright lipstick contrasts with her short, grey hair and strong nose. And her outfits are always as bold as it gets! She is, without a doubt, a charming and inspiring woman, and a real free spirit with a dry sense of humour.

'Iris' is a story of her success, passion and  67 years long marriage with Karl Apfel, who sadly passed away in 2015. The only thing that this documentary is lacking, in my opinion, is a look inside of Iris's soul. I would love to know even more what she really feels and thinks! Nonetheless, 'Iris' is well worth seeing!

'THE TRUE COST'-Andrew Morgan

'The true cost'.  Photo credit: Netflix

Fashion is an important form of art. Probably the most appropriable one. Fashion is exciting, dynamic and colourful. Fashion is cool. But most of us don't think about the other side of it. We see the pretty window displays and gorgeous models on a catwalk. What we turn a blind eye to, are factory workers, often underaged, always overworked and underpaid. They risk their lives working in unsafe factories somewhere in Asia, trying to make ends meet.
'The true cost' reveals the ugly side of fashion. It exposes the reasons behind dropping prices of clothes and the enormous impact the fashion industry makes on the planet Earth.
Yes, it is important to think twice before purchasing the 11th pair of high heels, or that pretty top that you may want to wear only once. Because who would show up in the same outfit twice, right?



I am so glad that 2017 is over! It was not an easy year for me. Don't get me wrong- it was full of beautiful moments, I feel that I have grown so much as a person. I got to spend quality time with my best friend- my son. I have started my blog in January and went vegan after 9 years of being vegetarian.
But 2017 was difficult, too! I have learned a few important lessons and shed some tears. But I am more than ready for new adventures in 2018!


I am planning to buy Lightroom subscription in February or March and finally learn to edit. Good quality photos are such an important factor of a successful blog, and I definitely need to improve my skills asap.

 I need to be more active on my facebook and share more of my everyday life on InstaStories. Let me know- would you guys be interested at all?

 As an addition to my blog. There is so much stuff I want to say, and so little time to do it:) I always wanted to talk publicly about things that really matter to me.

Monthly favourites- you can expect the first blog post at the beginning of February. There are so many inspiring books, articles, songs and movies that I want to tell you about. And some delicious food worth mentioning 😀 I also want to get back to the 'Happy High Need Baby' series, as many of you guys have liked it.


To write my screenplay and make it ready for competitions in 2019. The plot, the characters, the conflicts are ready. I need to add some witty dialogue to it and send my very first serious screenplay off!

Reading books is one of my favourite things to do. Recently, though, I have been so involved with boring life stuff that I haven't been reading as much as I would normally. It's so wrong! I have a few amazing books waiting for me in 2018!

Swimming is the only sport I enjoy doing. It really relaxes me. I have to plan some more time for swimming this year!


In 2018 I need to do something I was stupidly delaying for way too long- do a proper health check. Self-explanatory.

Even though I get rid of unnecessary stuff regularly (I donate/sell / or upcycle unwanted items), I still feel like I need to do a proper clear-out. I have planned to do it in January.

Yes. I think I need it. If you asked me whether I prefer to sleep 8h or watch a movie/call my friend/ read a book/ draw something and get the only 6h of sleep- I 'll always go with option nr 2. 4-6h of sleep is enough for me, I have been living like this for years. The whole 'sleep when your baby sleeps' thing doesn't work for me at all. Firstly- my baby doesn't really sleep much, secondly- there is always something important or interesting I need or want to do during his nap time.
So, when I am not with my son, I would either cook, clean or write blog posts. I like it this way, but I know that my body and my brain need to rest sometimes.

Happy 2018! Thanks for reading my blog in 2017. May all your dreams come true x

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