Cruelty-free alternative for Mac's 'Heroine'

If you were looking for a decent cruelty-free dupe for Mac's 'Heroine'- look no longer :) I found a great one!
'Heroine' is one of the Mac's most popular lipsticks. It's a beautiful shade, but it might be a bit hard to pull off at first. 
It is described as matte however to me it has more of a semi-matte/ satin finish. It lasts for about 5-6h on the lips and wears out nicely (leaving an intense red stain). It is not kiss-proof and it will, definitely, transfer on your glass/ cutlery. 

It is a beautiful lipstick, but there are few reasons why I wouldn't recommend it.
Firstly, Mac isn't cruelty-free. 
Secondly, this lipstick is quite expensive (£15.50 is a lot for not an everyday shade).
Thirdly, you need to apply two layers of this lipstick to get an opaque colour coverage. 

So, let's move on to the dupe. 'Liberty Matte' by Makeup Revolution' retails for £2.49. 
Shade wise these lipsticks are almost identical. I would say that 'Liberty Matte' is a bit warmer, which makes it more wearable. It has the same finish like 'Heroine' and very similar staying power (4-6h). It has a bit thinner consistency and applies on the lips beautifully. 
The only con of this lipstick is its scent- it's too sweet and sickly for my liking (I'm super sensitive and picky when it comes to scents though).

All in all, I do prefer 'Liberty Matte' over 'Heroine'. 
I hope you guys liked my first cruelty-free vs. non-cruelty free comparison as there's lots more to come:) Have a great day!


Help! I am pregnant!

You just saw two lines on the pregnancy test. Congratulations!
Be grateful! And enjoy the moment. Pregnancy is just a first step of motherhood. 
Remember to prepare yourself for a fantastic journey ahead of you. 

Quit smoking. Seriously. You don't want to smoke your baby! Ask your relatives not to smoke near you.

Quit pregnancy food no-nos (you may want to print a list for yourself) and alcohol.

Calculate your due date. There are plenty of online calculators available for free. They will not only estimate your due date but also help you to track your baby's development.

Get yourself a notebook and write down your to-do lists, shopping lists, baby names ideas, questions, concerns, etc. Stay organised. Be careful, though. If your notebook screams ' I am going to have a baby' you won't have to worry about announcing this news anymore. 

Be prepared for early pregnancy symptoms.
Girl, you'd better always have an extra top and couple of sick bags in your handbag. 

Book an appointment with your GP so he can confirm whether you're pregnant. Talk to him about everything that worries you. 

Visualise delivering a healthy baby. Imagine your labour as the happiest moment of your life. Start from now on. I can not stress enough how important this is. Think only positive. Try to stay away from all negative people and energy vampires.

Decide when to announce your pregnancy.

Start taking folic acid (if you haven't already).

Note and record everything. All symptoms, your baby's first movements, your feelings and cravings. And do not stress over a labour yet :)


Questions To Ask Before Having a Baby

Having a child is the biggest challenge you'll ever face. Raising a human being and showing him the world is a lifelong, beautiful journey.
Make sure you are ready before you decide to have a baby because nothing will ever cost you more patience and forgiveness than growing a little human. And, what is most important, he will need your unconditional love and help.

Here is a list of questions that are worth answering honestly.

1. Can you afford to have a baby?

Raising a child can be expensive.
Obviously, toys and clothes you can buy second hand.
But nappies, formula (if you decide not to breastfeed), toiletries, babysitter or a nursery cost a lot of money. Think, if you can afford all of that.

2. Are you ready for a massive lifestyle change? Is your relationship ready for this?

Some of your friendships may become weaker or end.
Going out to the movies or gigs may be impossible in the first few months of your baby's life.

3. Have you discussed the religion/ language issues with your partner? 

Do it. It's crucial.

4. Are you planning to go back to work? If so, when? 

Obviously, you don't need to know the exact date yet. But have a think and plan ahead.

5. Do you both want a child?

Do not force your partner to have a baby, do not let him force you.
Remember that having a child is a decision that must be made by the two of you. And one more thing- don't go into pregnancy thinking that it will fix your relationship.


Golden Rose Longstay Liquid Matte Lipsticks

I have always been a massive fan of matte lips, I wasn't a fan of liquid lipsticks, though. Flaking and cracking on my lips even after a few sips of water was simply unbearable for me.

Last year Golden Rose released their new line of liquid lipsticks. As I love their Matte Crayons and Velvet Mattes, I decided to give their liquid lipsticks a go.
And I'm so glad I did because these lipsticks are the bomb.

I own two shades- 2 & 3.
Number 2 is a beautiful fuchsia, which brightens up my complexion and makes me look good instantly.
Number 3 is a lovely light, cool-toned pink. It is my perfect everyday shade. It's a bit darker than my natural lip colour.

They have, hands down, the best packaging ever. These lipsticks live in my handbag since August'16, and they look brand new. Not even a single letter has rubbed off. Their packaging is sturdy, sleek and classy.
The applicator picks up the perfect amount of product, which makes the application stress-free.

I love the scent of these lipsticks. They smell delicious. Their staying power is great- they last 5-6h on my lips. And, what is important, one layer of lipstick gives you an opaque colour coverage.

They are enriched with Vitamin E and Avocado Oil, which makes them very comfortable on the lips.They are kiss-proof but allow them to set on your lips for a few minutes before you start kissing somebody :)

They are super affordable. Sadly, hard to get hold of in the UK. I bought mine from a trusted seller on eBay (I paid roughly £5 per lipstick). I hope that Golden Rose becomes widely available over here so we all could enjoy using their great products.


My 'Ride or Die' Blush

I have been looking for a perfect cool-toned pink blush since I started getting into makeup. And I found one back in 2015- Ladies and Gents, please meet the gorgeous 'Delizioso Pink' by Milani. It is a baked blush in a deliciously pink colour, which is perfect for those with a paler skin tone. It's highly pigmented but it blends out very easily. Once applied, it stays put.

It comes in quite a bulky packaging, which is beautiful but, unfortunately, not ideal for travelling. However, some of you may find the little mirror and brush, hidden in the bottom part, very useful.

It is amazing how affordable 'Delizioso Pink' is for this kind of quality.
This is the best blush I have ever used. And it's vegan!

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