Friday, 20 January 2017

Help! I am pregnant!

You just saw two lines on the pregnancy test. Congratulations!
Be grateful! And enjoy the moment. Pregnancy is just a first step of motherhood. 
Remember to prepare yourself for a fantastic journey ahead of you. 

Quit smoking. Seriously. You don't want to smoke your baby! Ask your relatives not to smoke near you.

Quit pregnancy food no-nos (you may want to print a list for yourself) and alcohol.

Calculate your due date. There are plenty of online calculators available for free. They will not only estimate your due date but also help you to track your baby's development.

Get yourself a notebook and write down your to-do lists, shopping lists, baby names ideas, questions, concerns, etc. Stay organised. Be careful, though. If your notebook screams ' I am going to have a baby' you won't have to worry about announcing this news anymore. 

Be prepared for early pregnancy symptoms.
Girl, you'd better always have an extra top and couple of sick bags in your handbag. 

Book an appointment with your GP so he can confirm whether you're pregnant. Talk to him about everything that worries you. 

Visualise delivering a healthy baby. Imagine your labour as the happiest moment of your life. Start from now on. I can not stress enough how important this is. Think only positive. Try to stay away from all negative people and energy vampires.

Decide when to announce your pregnancy.

Start taking folic acid (if you haven't already).

Note and record everything. All symptoms, your baby's first movements, your feelings and cravings. And do not stress over a labour yet :)


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