'Franca: Chaos and Creation', 'The true cost', 'Iris'. Photos credit: Netflix

I  think I could call myself an extreme fashion minimalist. I don't own many clothes, nor shoes or bags. I stick to a few pieces which I wear all the time. And I often I shop in second-hands. I do appreciate fashion as an art, though. I could spend hours admiring beautiful fashion photography, or staring at well-dressed people 🙂
Today I 'll introduce you to my favourite fashion-related documentaries on Netflix. Hope you enjoy!

'FRANCA: CHAOS AND CREATION'-Francesco Carrozzini

Franca Sozzani in 'Franca: Chaos and Creation'.  Photo credit: Netflix

One of my favourite documentaries of all time. An incredible picture of a woman painted sublimely with words and photos by her son- Francesco Carrozzini.
Franca Sozzani was an editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia. A very special one. She revolutionised this magazine, and spoke about things that nobody wanted to talk about. She was a real risk-taker. Her Vogue was not only about glamour and money. It was about something. And that made her work stand out. Franca Sozzani was the one who created 'The Black Issue' of Vogue Italia and the controversial 'Makeover Issue'. I am sure that you all have seen these photos. But I am not sure if you have seen Franca's face yet. I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't. Because unlike many others in the fashion industry, she wasn't all about herself. She was about the case, the topic, the problem.

Beautifully shot and edited, this film is filled with gorgeous photos and Vogue covers. The magic energy mother and son share transfers onto this documentary. I can not recommend it enough!

'IRIS'- Albert Maysles

Iris Apfel in 'Iris'.  Photo credit: Netflix

Iris Apfel is probably the most colourful ninety-something woman on Earth.  She is a fashion icon, interior designer and businesswoman.
I am sure that you all have seen her before. Her calm eyes hide behind large glasses. A bright lipstick contrasts with her short, grey hair and strong nose. And her outfits are always as bold as it gets! She is, without a doubt, a charming and inspiring woman, and a real free spirit with a dry sense of humour.

'Iris' is a story of her success, passion and  67 years long marriage with Karl Apfel, who sadly passed away in 2015. The only thing that this documentary is lacking, in my opinion, is a look inside of Iris's soul. I would love to know even more what she really feels and thinks! Nonetheless, 'Iris' is well worth seeing!

'THE TRUE COST'-Andrew Morgan

'The true cost'.  Photo credit: Netflix

Fashion is an important form of art. Probably the most appropriable one. Fashion is exciting, dynamic and colourful. Fashion is cool. But most of us don't think about the other side of it. We see the pretty window displays and gorgeous models on a catwalk. What we turn a blind eye to, are factory workers, often underaged, always overworked and underpaid. They risk their lives working in unsafe factories somewhere in Asia, trying to make ends meet.
'The true cost' reveals the ugly side of fashion. It exposes the reasons behind dropping prices of clothes and the enormous impact the fashion industry makes on the planet Earth.
Yes, it is important to think twice before purchasing the 11th pair of high heels, or that pretty top that you may want to wear only once. Because who would show up in the same outfit twice, right?



  1. These all look really interesting and thought provoking. I'll be adding them to my "to-watch" list now. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These sound really thought-provoking. I love that there is such a diverse mixture of films and programs on Netflix.

  3. Great diverse choice, from the colourful and flamboyant, to tough and thought provoking. Interesting mix.

    1. Thank you, Janice! I really wanted to present different points of view when it comes to fashion:) Have a wonderful day x

  4. Great info here. I love Iris and her fashion sense.

  5. I am obsessed with Netflix documentaries but I tend to steer towards more crime and murder documentaries. I should mix it up a little bit and give Franca Sozzani in 'Franca: Chaos and Creation' a try as this seems like something I would really enjoy watching! I will let you know my thoughts of it!

    1. Please do! It is a very, very special documentary :)

  6. I have not heard of any of these but they sound like fascinating characters. Hubby is late night tomorrow so will have to have a nose


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