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Hello, happy to see you here! Since my audience have recently grown a little, I thought I would tell you more about myself, so you can get to know me better. I chose some questions from the 'Get to know me TAG', and I am here today to share my answers with you! 

Do you have any pets? 

I do, indeed! I have a cat called Malus. She is 4 years old. Absolutely gorgeous, independant and brave. And fluffy!

Are you named after anyone? 
Yes, after my favourite aunt (my mum's sister). My older sister chose it for me. 

What is your favourite quote? 
"A ship in harbor is safe- but that is not what ships are built for."- John A. Shedd

  • Do you have a tattoo? 
  • I do not. Love them on others, but I can not imagince myself having a tattoo just yet.

  • How many languages do you speak?
  • I speak Polish and English fluently. I can communicate in Russian, German and Persian. 

  • What are your favourite books of all time?
  • I have read hundreds, if not thousands of books in my life. There are four, though, which really stood out for me. I read each of them at least of 5 times. And I am not done reading them yet!

  • 'Matilda' by Roald Dahl                        
  • I have fallen in love with this book 21 years ago! It was the first 'real' book that I have read in my life. I promise that I knew some major parts of it by heart. I loved Matilda and I could really identify with her. I was always acting older than my age. Matilda was bold and brave little feminist. A 4-year-old role model to a 4-year-old me. I have recently read it at loud for my son in English, and he really enjoyed listening to it. And I was so happy to be reunited with my hero Matilda.

  • 'Primeval and Other times' ('Prawiek i inne czasy') by Olga Tokarczuk 
  • Olga Tokarczuk is phenomenal Polish writer. The world that she creates in her books is just magical. I love her characters, they are multidimensional and interesting. If you have never read any of her books, start with 'Primeval and Other times.' You will fall in love with her writing from the first page!

  • 'The Unbearable Lightness of Being' Milan Kundera
  • A classic. Lightness and heaviness, body and soul, love and sex. The only life that we have to live is so light, and the decisions we make, are so meaningless. This makes our existence unbearable. Not an easy and pleasing book to read, but a great one. 

  • 'Next to Heaven' / 'Next Stop–Paradise' -"Nastepny do raju' Marek Hlasko
  • Yet another Polish writer on my list. 'Next to Heaven' is a book about a group of van drivers, working in the mountains in Poland. In other words, it is a book about loneliness and apathy of young men facing the difficulties of living in a communist country. 
  • Marek Hlasko was a rebellious and unpredictable, but very gifted artist. His writing was very raw, bold and unashamed.
  • He died at 35, and the circumstances of his death remain unknown.

  • What is your favourite drink?
  • Water, freshly squeezed orange juice, black tea with lemon. I hardly ever drink coffee.

  • What is your favourite TV series of all time?
  • 'Grace and Frankie' - (Netflix), the most hilarious, uplifting and heart-warming series ever. You can read the full review here;    

  • 'Prison Break'- one of the best series ever made. Written to perfection gripping TV drama. A story about lawlessness, brotherhood, hope and courage.Well deserved international success. I can not wait for the 6th season!

  • What is your favourite food? 
  • Baked vegetables (potatoes and courgette are my favourite), millet pudding, vegan pastas and fresh fruits. 

  • Favourite memory from childhood? 
  • The time I got to spend with my maternal grandparents. They were the most caring, loving people I have ever known. 

  • What was the first concert you ever attended? When I was 5 we went to see the gig of Just 5. It was a polish boysband, very popular in the 90s. I was beyond obsessed with them, and I had a crushon one of the guys (like pretty much all polish girls back then haha). After the gig, we went to get the autographs. 
  • My dad spent a good minute introducing me to the guy, telling him how much I loved him. But I wasn't there to shake his hand- I escaped! I was too shy to look into his eyes!

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