Thursday, 10 May 2018


My son is nearly 20 months now. He faces new challenges courageously. I am grateful to be blessed with the opportunity of bringing up a human being and watching him become wiser and more independent every day. If you want to know what he was up to in April, please keep on reading :) 

I mentioned in Kian's March favourites that we got him some animal figurines, and he immediately fell in love with them.
He plays with them non stop. He can name them all and copy their sounds, he matches them to the photos of actual animals. Plus, he dances with them, eats with them, talks to them. I am so happy that he bonds with the animals and nature.  

Playing with Play-Doh is more than just cutting the shapes. It helps to develop fine motor skills, which allow your kids to develop speaking and become more independent. And, of course, it is a lot of fun! 

Kian learned to count to 10 in Persian (his dad's language) three months ago. However, before he would usually miss 7 and 8 :) Now he gets it perfect almost every time. He started to pick up the numbers in English too, at the moment he usually goes '1,2, 4, 5,6,7, orange, 9,10' :) 
As for letters and spelling, he recognizes 'w', 'a', 'i' and 't', as I usually spell out the word 'wait' to get his busy when we wait for the green light. I can see that he becomes very fascinated by different shapes of letters.

My hair is naturally curly, so if I don't brush them a thousand times a day, and my son pulls them like a million times a day, they look just like a  kingdom of tangles.
One night in March, when I was putting Kian to sleep, he looked up at the ceiling and shouted excitedly: mama wlosy! (mum's hair!). I couldn't stop laughing, as the poor child realised that the black nest of knots was actually my head.
Since that day we have this little tradition of observing the shadows in the evenings, before the bed. He is so excited every time he sees his little hands on the wall.

Kian is a great observer, nothing escapes his notice. He loves to stare at animals and people, and he is unbelievably curious. And that's a good thing! I got him a magnifying glass a few months back, which we always have in the backpack. When we're outdoor, he digs it out and observes ants, bees, flowers and leaves. In April it was more fun than ever, with the nature waking up to life after a few months break. 

Probably all kids his age love to dance and sing, and he is no different. But the older he gets, the more sophisticated his moves get, too :) He can sing a few songs now, the top hits are 'Row Row  Row Your Boat', 'Twinkle Twinkle', 'Wheels On The Bus' and 'Horsey Horsey'. It must have been my soft voice and unbelievable singing abilities that made him love music (don't ask my partner or my neighbours, though. They don't agree with me!) 😀

Elephants! He loves all animals, but elephants are his current love (or genuine obsession, I should say). He can name all of the parts of their bodies, and he wakes up saying 'elephant' every single day, so I guess he drifts away to sunny savannah every night :) 


He still (and I hope he forever will) loves reading books, especially the ones featuring photos or realistic drawings of animals. 

When it comes to Kian's speaking,  I couldn't be prouder of this hard working kid!
At the age of 19 months, he uses around 300 words, and he builds up the sentences better and better every day. 
His new favourite words are definitely: 'dangerous' (about sharp knives, hot oven etc.), 'elephant' and 'dance'.



  1. Ahhhh all of this really brings me back - it sounds like he is doing a great job with the speaking....300 words is no mean feat!

  2. 300 words is amazing. Clearly he's a good learner at English!

  3. Aww my daughter is also a big fan of play doh - I just wish she wouldn't walk it into the carpet! :)

  4. My daughter loved play-doh too at this age which went on for a few more years and luckily she's over it now. Not a big fan of play-doh, tricky to clean on a carpet :(

  5. He sounds like a very intelligent little boy. Mine still love playing shadows and there are much older now - we chase them and make shadow monsters

  6. Ahh it sounds like he is doing really well! Mine all love singing and dancing!

  7. Aww he is doing so well and my daughters are 3 and 8 and still obsessed with play doh!!

  8. What an intelligent little boy you have, I am hoping I have kids one day


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