SATISFIED EYE International Film Festval- join the film celebration this October!

Epsom is an exceptional place on the map of England. It is a green and peaceful medium-sized town, hidden behind the greatness and fame of London. It might be less known that the gigantic capital, but it is not at all less interesting. You might have heard of it for three reasons: the beneficial Epsom salts, The Derby and Emily Davison.

I am sure that soon you'll add one more exciting thing to this list- The Satisfied Eye International Film Festival! In October 2018 this leisurely town will transform into a massive film jollification. Don't be afraid, it won't be only an industry event, but a fantastic opportunity for all film enthusiasts to join the celebration. The festival will showcase new work from British and international independent filmmakers.

Two things I am excited about the most- firstly, the festival is family friendly, there will be many attractions provided for the kids. Secondly- there will be a special award dedicated to women directors. This is a fantastic opportunity for female filmmakers to break into the industry!

You don't know the power of the dark side! Darth Vader caught in between of shooting scenes for the festival's trailer. Photo credit: Steve Rumbles

If you don't want to miss out on the tickets to the festival, you can put yourself on the priority list by pre-registering your interest here.

If you're a filmmaker, the festival is now open for submissions. SEIFF accepts:
  • feature films,
  • short films,
  • animated films (feature and short),
  • documentaries,
  • foreign language films,
  • screenplays (feature, short, and TV pilot).

For more information, check out the official SEIFF website.

You have to be there! 



  1. I love film fesetivals like this. We have one in Leeds but it's nowhere near as quirky as this!

  2. Sounds like a great festival for content creators and film lovers! Its nice that it has a family feel to it and activities x

    1. It will be amazing. Surrey needed such an awesome event x

  3. Oh wow this festival sounds so creative and a great way for filmmakers to share their stuff

    Laura x

    1. Absolutely, and for audience to get to meet new, phenomenal filmmakers ;) Thanks for reading x

  4. Oh the children would love this, I think their eyes would pop out if they saw Darth Vader!

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