May and June were the months of intense growth for my 21-months-old Kian. He is in a difficult phase of one's life. A phase of confusion between being an independent person and dependent baby. Add the teething on the top of that, and you get a tough, tough time. Nonetheless, he continues to develop his skills in an unimaginably fast way, and he remains the sweetest, and funniest kid on the planet. 


Kian absolutely adores animals and books that feature photos or realistic drawings of them. At the beginning of May, I got him the 'Animal Kingdom' by Steve Parker and Martin Walter, and he never parts with it (we have the 2004 edition).
It is a beautifully, beautifully illustrated album, which includes short and very informative descriptions of all species presented. And, what is very important to me, the entries are interesting not only for my 21-months-old son but also for us- the parents. This is the best animal album I have ever come across. If you find it in a thrift/ charity shop or eBay, definitely get it. 


Animal figures are hands down the best toys we have ever invested in. He plays with them non stop. In Kian's April favourites, I wrote that 'he can name them all and copy their sounds, he matches them to the photos of actual animals. Plus, he dances with them, eats with them, talks to them. I am so happy that he bonds with the animals and nature.' And nothing has changed since then. Sometimes I feel like I live in the middle of Savannah, cause I see more animals than people these days πŸ˜„


A great charity shop find. A fantastic toy for a child who loves buses. The top bit opens, and the upper deck is removable, which creates an opportunity for little hands to develop fine motor skills. 

We have had this stacking tower for the longest time, but my son was never interested in it. In May he realised that stacking things on each other is a lot of fun. Sometimes he uses the cups to make his blenders (more about blender obsession here), or in the bath. 

Kian loves the outer space, and he loves his old school wooden space rocket. The blast off, obviously, is the best part of playing with it. It is fun to visit not only the Moon but also all of the planets weekly 😊

Watermelons and apricots. And his old favourites- beetroots, tofu, avocados, olives, raspberries and pears. 

The list of his favourite animals is pretty much endless, but elephants remain at the top of it. In the past months, he talked mostly about racoons, zebras, foxes, okapis, monkeys, crows, squirrels, roosters, bison, parrots, dogs, rabbits, cats, mammoths and cheetahs. Animals fascinate him.

At this point in his life (21/22 months old) I can say that he has no communication issues anymore. He easily builds up 6-10 words long sentences, and even though sometimes he mixes 3 languages that he learns, even strangers understand him.
I absolutely adore this phase of a kid's life. His speech is cute and funny, and it melts my heart. 

He counts to 10 in Persian and English, but haven't started in Polish yet. 
His current favourite colours are orange and brown.
In terms of shapes, he recognises most of them, but he spots everywhere and names circle, oval, heart, star, square and triangle. 

Motherhood is not easy at all. But so unbelievably rewarding! I am excited to see him grow and excited for what July brings us. 


  1. Aww I love the wooden rocket and know that my daughter would enjoy playing with them! You also can't beat watermelon in this heat :)

  2. These are some lovely toys. I love traditional looking things like these!

  3. Aw I remember this age with mine and it is such a lovely age. Not easy but lovely. I love the wooden bus, that was a brilliant find

  4. Aww sounds like he is developing wonderfully and what a lucky young man to have such an attentive mother. I love that you suggest/use charity shops too - a very good influence.

  5. It sounds like he's doing really well. My son is 4 and he's mixing two languages as he's had a full year in preschool here in Portugal. It's amazing how quickly kids pick up new languages.

  6. Love the wooden toys, I am a bit sad that mine have grown out of things like this now

  7. How cute. My kids love the London Bus and they are toddlers. Guess there is something about the bus.

  8. Absolute cute toys. Won't be long until they'll be on a tablet playing games! :)

  9. Oh that wooden London bus is gorgeous and my toddler also loves stacking things and reading about animals

    Laura x

  10. When my nephew was young I got him wooden toys which even today he loves, children seem to love them more.

  11. Aww i love this age as they seem to keep discovering new things all the time. My girls are watermelon mad!


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