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Instagram is a machine powered by billions of photos and millions of faces and souls behind each one of them. I don't demonize it, because I truly believe that there are many fantastic creators on Instagram, who have interesting stories to tell. I love content that inspires me to grow as a person, mother, friend and artist. I believe in the value of each of the Instagram accounts I am going to share with you today, and I have selected some of the best ones out there. 
Instead of simply describing them in a few words, I decided to tell you how exactly they have inspired me, and in order for you all to understand that, I had to be vulnerable and share some feelings I have never shared publicly beforeHope you enjoy!
Zuza Gasiorowska  @zuzagasiorowska   Photo credit: Zuza Gasiorowska and @kubazawada
Zuza Gasiorowska is a phenomenal Polish photographer born in Australia. She blows me away with her craft and sophistication. Just like the high contrast colours she uses, her photographs are both subtle and powerful. I follow the work of many photographers, but what makes Zuza special is her ability to unveil what is unique about her models, and keep her work so coherent at the same time. She doesn't have many colours or props to play with, yet the way she captures people tells me so much about them. Her Instagram account is a pure gem, looking at it feels like walking into a stunning temple, when the beauty of it, and some kind of sublimity makes you speechless. Her harmonious feed is one badass artistic haven in the twee and vulgar world of Instagram. Hats off to a true artist! 

A few of my favourite pieces. Masterpieces! Photo credit: Zuza Gasiorowska @zuzagasiorowska

Daniel Daggers  @daniel_daggers  Photo credit: Harry Borden, Daniel Daggers 
I first heard of Daniel Daggers last year, but it was an episode of The Ikonn's podcast he appeared on earlier this year that made me start following his journey on Instagram. Daniel is one of the best real estate brokers in the world, who climbed up to the top of the ladder in his field in a very respectful way. And the best thing about it is that it didn't happen over the night. He started over 20 years ago as an intern in a local estate agency, and his hard work, persistence and loyalty helped him succeed. 
His Instagram account is a fantastic source of information for people starting out in real estate, a source of inspiration for those, who are dreaming of buying a luxurious property one day, or those, who are on a hunt for one. I follow Daniel because his content is a daily reminder to stay focused and learn more, and that hard work, efficiency and dedication are the core of success. 
Moreover, there is one thing that I find the most inspiring in Daniel's Instagram account, and it is the respect he has for his parents. He is a grown-up man, working in an extremely serious field, and yet he repeatedly, in front of thousands of people, proudly says 'I love you, mum' and 'I love you, dad'. As a mother, I find it so inspiring. It shows the value of parental unconditional love, attention and support. When I decided to get pregnant, I knew that, just like with everything I do in my life, I was going to give my son 1000000% of my attention and time. I knew it was going to mean taking a major step back in my career. Since I am a crazy perfectionist and workaholic, it still hurts me being constantly judged by people for the decision to fully commit to motherhood up until my son turns 3.

What Daniel said on the episode of Ikonn's podcast about his parents ensured me that my decision was right and that our children will remember and cherish the time we spent with them more than anything else. I always knew that, but I listened to that podcast on a morning when I was feeling humongous mum guilt, and it helped so much. 

Mimi, Alexa Love and Alex Ikonn.  Photo credit: Mimi Ikonn  @mimiikonn
When I think of inspiring people on the Internet, Mimi and Alex are always the first couple that comes to my mind. They are dreamers, who overcame a crazy amount of obstacles, and built not only a few extremely successful businesses, but first of all the life that they always wanted. They are entrepreneurs, authors, Youtubers, and social media influencers. Mimi and Alex are parents to Alexa Love, a smart and adorable little girl. 

What is fascinating about them, is that they grew mentally, spiritually and financially without allowing their egos to grow even a little. Mimi's and Alex's approach to business and marketing is admirable. You won't see them flashing their products in every video and Instagram post, or over-promoting them. 
What is more, I always adored the way the Ikonns treat people, and most of all- the way they treat one another. It is fascinating how much respect and kindness there is in every word they say.

A few months ago they created their own podcast, where they share a lot about their past and present lives, their fears, the problems they had to face on their way to success and self-growth, and business tips. They invite fascinating guests, and I have to admit that I have cried listening to each one of the episodes. It is, honestly, the best source of inspiration on the Internet. 

Alex's Instagram account: @alexikonn

You can listen to The Ikonns podcast here.

Photo credit: Chakra  @chakra
Chakra is the ultimate inspirational account on Instagram. In the past three years, life has challenged me in many ways, and I fell off my wellbeing track. I am in a much better and happier place now, slowly putting the puzzles back together, and Chakra's daily inspirational posts on Instagram help me with it a lot. They remind me to meditate, breathe and focus on positive energy and gratitude. I don't know much about the people behind Chakra, but I  certainly want to thank them for their consistency and time they put into creating their content. So if you need some inspiration to start a mindfulness journey, or if you're looking for calm in the storm, check out their account, they are fantastic! 

Please let me know if you follow any of the accounts I wrote about today, and what or who inspires you to live a happier life. There isn't such a thing as too much positive energy or too much inspiration. Thank you for reading! x



  1. I’m not a MASSIVE fan of instagram if i’m honest ... but I love to browse for pretty pictures (especially tropical holiday ideas!)

    1. Instagram has its pros and cons, but what I like about it, is that there are a lot of phenomenal content creators on that platform, who share their wisdom or who are truly inspiring in general. All accounts I mentioned today are pure gems. Zuza is a phenomenal photographer, one of a kind. Her work is magnificent. Meaningful and sophisticated.
      Mimi and Alex are genuinely wise, and they share their knowledge and experience for free on their platforms. They are so, so nice.
      Daniel- I follow him even though I am not at all into luxurious properties, but his hard work and persistence inspire me to work more every day.
      Chakra- they remind me to stop and breathe. Meditate. Live better.
      I am grateful that I have a chance to follow them, and learn from them thanks to Instagram. Thank you for reading my post and for commenting! Have a great dat x

  2. I may need to check these out especially Mimi one. I have a love hate relationship with IG. I just think you find inspiring people and things on there that motivate you for sure

    1. Hi Neha, thanks for stopping by! Check Mimi's account out, I am sure you will love it. She is such a kind human being, and a very strong woman. Truly inspiring! x

  3. I've not come across any of these, they sound wonderful accounts to follow.

  4. I’ve not heard of any of these but love the sound of Chakra so off to follow that one!

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