Montessori Practical Life Skills: Kitchen Gadgets. Best cooking untensils for kids.

Hi, thanks for stopping by! Today I will show you kitchen gadgets my son has, and shortly review them, to help you decide what to buy, and what to skip.

But before I begin, I just wanted to let you know that every Saturday I post practical life-related content on my InstaStories. If you missed any of the episodes, you can find them in the highlights on my profile. Also, please remember that a cooking child requires supervision 😊

Cutting is one of the cooking skills that many kids want to master because it seems so grown up. I introduced Kian to cutting when he was probably 1,5 years old. At first, he was using a round butter knife and cutting only bananas. Once he has mastered that, he started cutting boiled veggies, like potatoes, carrots, beets etc. When he was older and had a more firm grip, I gave him a slightly sharper dinner knife, and he started cutting fruit and veggies that are a little trickier to cut. Then I bought him this set of plastic knives for children, and it is good, but I think that this wasn't a necessary purchase. He would be ok using just the dinner knife. However, these knives are ok. They are pretty easy to work with, and easy to clean. But again, not that necessary to have. 

Veggie peeler (Kuhn Rikon):
This veggie peeler is great because it's light, small and sharp. I have waited for Kian to turn 4 to introduce him to peeling, and it's going great. So this is a very helpful kitchen gadget.

Apple divider (Wilko):
This is a gadget that I thought we would use a lot, but we actually hardly ever use it. First of all, because Kian eats apples without cutting them, and second of all because this model is not very practical for kids (they would need much bigger handles). And also, apples, especially organic apples, are not that easy to cut using the divider. 

Egg Slicer (Ikea):
This is just a slicer we have had at home for many years. It is great for slicing eggs, obviously, but we use it for slicing strawberries, kiwi and cooked beets. It is a helpful gadget to have, because even a toddler can prepare a snack for themselves using it. 

Potato/ Veggie masher (NUK):
This veggie masher came in a set with a bowl, and my partner bought it when Kian was weaning. We hardly used it back then, but now Kian uses it to mash avocadoes, chickpeas, bananas and potatoes. It's very helpful.

Rolling pin (Wilko):
I bought this small wooden rolling pin in Wilko. We actually have two of them, one for clay and playdough, and one that Kian uses in the kitchen. 

This rolling pin is quite light, and it works well. It is a helpful gadget, and I would definitely recommend it.

That's all I have prepared for you today, I hope you found it helpful. Thank you for your time! Stay safe.

Gosia x


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