My favourite Zoeva palette

Zoeva has a few amazing warm-toned palettes, but, as much as I would love to give them a go - I look scary in warm-toned eyeshadows. Fortunately, I found one which I love and which screams cool tones! It is the beautiful 'En Taupe' palette.

There are 10 eyeshadows in this palette. They come in a bunch of different finishes.

My favourites are:

- 'Stitch by Stitch'- a perfect matte, cool-toned ivory,
- 'Gallery' matte, ashy bronze,
- 'Old Master'- matte, greyish purple with glitter
- 'Handmade'- light pink with golden frost.

These eye shadows are really good quality, except two which sadly are poorly pigmented and hard to work with (Hour By Hour and Sheers& Voiles).
They are easy to apply and very blendable. They last on my eyes for 8-12h (the more pigmented shades last longer).

These shadows are not overly pigmented so you won't get much fallout. And they are very easy to work with.

When it comes to the packaging, 'En Taupe' has it all. It's compact, it's light, it's beautiful, and it's classy!

 This palette may seem to be a bit boring for those of you, who love strong colours but trust me, you can create really beautiful looks with it. It is beginners friendly!



  1. I love the muted colors for this palette. It makes it great for everyday wear!


  2. Such a great color pallette!!!
    IG @grace_njio

    1. thanks for leaving a comment :) I love your style! x


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