What to pack in your hospital bag

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One of the most common questions you'll get as mum-to-be is: 'Have you packed your hospital bag yet'? Don't let it become a big deal. Plan ahead, what you need to prepare, do proper research, pack your bag and relax. I hope that this post will be helpful. Happy reading!


- Labour Plan,
- Maternity Notes aka Green Notes

-nightdress or an old t-shirt to give birth in
-dressing gown (I would suggest getting one in a dark colour)
-lip balm
-2 hair ties
-carrier bag to put dirty clothes in
-drinks and snacks

- nursing bras
-nursing PJ's or nightdress
-comfy tracksuit bottoms or leggins (again, dark colours are the best)
-going home outfit
-disposable or old knickers (yes, you will ruin them :))
-breast pads
-maternity pads
-some makeup
-antibacterial hand gel
-antiseptic wipes (they might come in handy if you would be concern about the cleanliness in the hospital)

-4-5 vests
-4-5 sleepsuits
-booties (helpful in late autumn/ winter time)
-2 hats
-outfit for going home
-jacket or overall
-2 muslin squares
-nappy cream/ coconut oil
-baby blanket
-car seat
-special outfit if you want to take some cute photos in the hospital (remember though that you may have no time/ not feel well enough to take them in the hospital)

-comfy slippers/ flip flops
-change of clothes (it is very hot in the delivery and postnatal wards, so a cotton T-shirt would be a good choice)
-toothpaste and toothbrush
-drinks and snacks

-phones and phone charges
-notebook and a pen if you like to note the memories down
-camera and charger (optional)
-tens machine if you are planning on using one
-book/ MP3 player/ iPod
-change for vending machines


1. Going on a hospital tour will help you to visualise a successful delivery as well as help you to pack the right stuff.

2. Practice fitting the car seat securely in your car well before your due date.

3. Prepare an extra bag with yours & baby's clothes and leave it at home. Let your partner know where is it. It will come in handy if you need to stay in the hospital for a bit longer. You don't have to invest in an additional bag or a suitcase. It can be an actual large carrier bag.

4. Take at least two packs of maternity pads to the hospital and have a great backup at home. You may be bleeding for up to 6 weeks after delivery and you will specifically need large pads for the first two weeks

5.  You may want to pack a water spray however, it is not a necessity.

6. It is handy to pack sleepsuits in at least two sizes ('Tiny Baby' and 'Newborn' or 'Newborn' and '0-3'). Especially if you are expecting smaller/ larger than an average size baby.

7. Postnatal wards are usually quite noisy at night. I have had ear plugs with me, but I have never used them. I was scared that I won't hear my baby crying.
If they aren't a necessity for you, skip them.

8. I have had a book with me, but I had no time to open it. Remember that you may be discharged home few hours after delivery. Do not overpack.

9. Be well organised- talk your partner through the bag and show him where things are.



  1. Great post! I will be remembering them!


  2. Great tips. I totally overpacked when I had my son and didn't use half of what was in the bag!

  3. Great advice, my baby days are well and truly over but I would have found this list so useful.

    1. Thanks,Nikki! The labour bag was something I was stressing over way too much :)

  4. I was totally unprepared with my first & with my second I took the bag with me everywhere for about 3 months haha. Great list - def worth practising with the car seat x

  5. What a great list. I took most of what I need for my hospital birth.

  6. Great list. I remember packing all my 4 hospital bags. All those years ago.

  7. Great ideas and I the second time round my bag loooked very different from the first unexperienced time round!!

  8. What a list ! I had my girls at home so I didn’t really pack a bag :) - Kira

  9. This is such a fantastic list especially for first time mums - wish I had such a clear list the first time around

    Laura x

  10. Some great tips. I also took some wet wipes, they are quite refreshing when you are hot and bothered x

  11. Oh goodness, that is a lot. When I had mine they were very strict about packing light and only take the bare minimum LOL

  12. Great advice! I had big plans to pack my bags but never got round to it with my youngest three and ended up relying on my husband to do it when I had given birth!


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