Thursday, 20 April 2017

Choosing a Birth Partner

There are moments in life when you want to be alone. You don't want people to watch you devour a bowl of pasta after a long drive home. You don't want them to see you furtively bleaching your moustache in the bathroom.

Why would you invite somebody to a labour ward then?

Well, he can be helpful. You will need an extra pair of hands when looking for that hair band which WAS in your makeup bag, he can help you change into a t-shirt for the labour. He can serve you water when you need it. He can listen to your complaints. He can massage you. Finally, you may want to share the most precious moments with him.

Who to invite?

Pick a responsible, strong and cool-headed person. Somebody who can handle stress well and is OK with high temperatures. Somebody who can deal with a sleepless night.
Select a person who knows when to talk and what to say and when to stay quiet. Somebody you trust and feel comfortable with. This person will see everything. You need to be confident that he/ she will not broadcast your labour on Snapchat. A person who is scared of blood and needles may not be an ideal candidate.

Remember, do not invite a drama queen or crazy attention seeker. You can not worry about your partner during labour. They are in a delivery room to help you.

Does he/ she want to be your birth partner? 

Let's be honest. Nobody wants to see his loved ones racked with pain, bleeding, ugly, sweaty and screaming their heads off. Especially when  he can not take their pain away. Do not force anybody to share this experience with you. Kindly offer it to the chosen person, but let them decide.
Some will find the labour the most beautiful scene ever, but for some, it will be off-putting or even traumatic. 

I invited my partner to a labour room. He was very helpful. He laughed a lot when I felt drunk with Gas & Air. He was very calm and brave. I felt supported in the worse moments. I saw the pride in his eyes. He made me stronger
Baby, this post is for you- thank you for being there with me! I love you x


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