Thursday, 21 September 2017

HAPPY HNB- The beauty of a High Need Baby

OK, last week I allowed myself to publicly speak aloud about the challenges and the difficulties I face every day as HNB's mum. Today, though, I will tell you all what I love about being a mother of an unstoppable, hyperactive and superalert one-year-old boy.

My HNB is a very people-person. He loves to be in the centre of attention. He is brave, he likes to meet new people, and interact with them. He enjoys spending time with other babies. And what I am so happy about- other kids like him, too! A group of children always surrounds him in the playground and in the playgroups.

He is so sweet and kind that it literally melts my heart. He shows us his love in the most beautiful way. I die when he strokes my face in the morning. He feeds us his food with the cutest smile on his face. And he loves animals! I have mentioned his obsession with cats a thousand times. He is so gentle with our Malus. He always treats her with respect. a man who loves animals is certainly a good person!

All babies do funny and cute things. But Kian is the one that always deliberately makes us laugh. He realizes what is funny to us, and he just keeps doing it. He is such a sweetheart!

I am not sure if this was ever proven by scientists, but from my observation as well as from what others say, High Need Babies are very intelligent. My son is definitely the brightest one-year-old I have ever seen ( I am not trying to brag or to say he is a genius, but #mamaisproud). He is a very, very quick learner. We speak three languages at home, and he not only understands most of what we say to him, but he already uses around 25 words (knowing what they mean) and starts to connect them into 2-3 words long sentences.

Happy HNB is a new series on my blog! Check back for a new post every Thursday at 6 PM UK time! :) Thanks for reading! x

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