Happy HNB- Our Mornings

The insistent sound of alarm clock used to wake me up at 4 AM every day for way too many years.  It's been a year since a hand of tiny human touches my face to wake me up every morning. I love it. His hand is warm, and I can feel the life pulsating in his veins. The life that I have given him!  I open my eyes, and the first thing I see is the sweetest face in the whole world! These smiley black eyes, tiny plump lips, and those round cheeks that make my heart melt.

No alarm clock needed.

The 'kisses and cuddles' time is the part of the day I praise the most. They don't last too long, though. My son then says three words, to indicate that a new day has just begun. 'Bah' (this is how Persian kids call 'food'), 'tata' (which means 'daddy' in Polish. 've got to confirm that yes, daddy left for work already), and 'Malus' (name of our cat). Yes, we will see the cat. And this is when the fun and crazy part of the day starts 😄

Getting changed is probably our least favourite thing to do. Kian absolutely hates it, even though I always try to make it fun for him. But since he knows that there are better things to do out there, he doesn't want to waste even a minute on putting clothes on.  :) Luckily, he likes washing face and hands a little bit more. But, obviously, it can not take any longer than 20 seconds! 


My son absolutely loves food. He is not picky nor fussy at all. I am incredibly lucky that he really likes all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and groats. He will happily eat all of them- under one condition, though. They need to be served right away :) Patience is not an HNB's strength
If you're a mum of High Need Baby, you 've got to have a good plan in your head. And preferably on a paper, too. 
Not that he will stick to a routine or a plan. But you just need to stay as organised as possible. What I like to do, is to plan my day the night before so I can kick start my day without having to waste my time in the morning.I know what dishes I need to prepare for us, if I need to urgently run some errands and if I have any deep cleaning planned for a day. I like to do all of the important and boring stuff in the morning. So, when my son eats his breakfast, I usually do meal preps for the whole day, I clean the kitchen and washing up. Then it's a time to brush the teeth, feed the cat, read some books and hoover. I have got to wait with hoovering for Kian, because he absolutely loves 'helping' with it :) And this way, most of the house stuff is done by 9:30- 10:00 AM. This really helps me to stay calm for the rest of the day and enjoy spending my time with my son.

A year ago today I became a mother. Thank you, Kian for being in my life. You make me a better and happier person every day 💓💓💓

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